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Smart Magnetic Putty



Magnetic Smart Putty that is attracted to the included magnet has unique and mind-blowing awesome magnetic properties! When Putty is stretched, molded, or shaped, the putty has no magnetic charge and behaves like any other Putty. However, in the presence of a magnetic field, its magnetic forces begin to align. Suddenly, a truly Super Magnetic Putty is created that will attract to one magnetic pole and repel from the other.  You'll also find a super strong neodymium magnet in each tin. Comes in a choice of 3 colours; Golden Flux, Electro Iron and Zingy Zinc or buy 1 of each.
  • Moves and reacts to magnetic forces
  • Includes square magnet
  • Mount, stretch, bounce and watch it melt
  • Comes in storage tin
  • Size of tin; 3cm (Height), 8cm (Diameter) approx
  • Fully tested, non-toxic and safe