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3D Isaac's Apple Puzzle

A 3D puzzle to ruffle even the ripest riddle-solver's intellect.Isaac's Apple is intricate, complex and detailed. This 3D jigsaw puzzle is not for those lacking stamina and patience.It takes all the powers of deduction and problem-solving genius you can conjure to correctly assemble the 44 jigsaw pieces and create a solid shining 3D apple. It's certainly not easy, that's why it's in our Science range.When you manage to complete the puzzle, push the center pole into the apple to keep all the pieces locked in place - we don't want you losing all the hard work do we?Come and have a bite if you think you're clever enough.

  • 44 piece 3D jigsaw puzzle.
  • Piece together to create a juicy looking 3D Apple.
  • Challenging 3D puzzle.
  • Perfect for lovers of jigsaw puzzles and brainteasers alike.
  • Instructions are provided in the box.