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Bestway Swim Vest

Nothing can cause quite such mixed reaction amongst kids as learning to swim. Some are natural water babies others need a little more persuasion to take the plunge. Constructed with three air chambers and an inflatable for added durability and buoyancy, the Premium Swim Vest comes with two adjustable quick release buckles for easy on and off and a comfortable fit. Allowing kids the ability to use their arms to master a variety of swimming strokes.
Part of the Swim Safe A, B, C step, learner swimmer range.

  • Flotation vest for new and developing swimmers - a key step to becoming an independent swimmer
  • Ideal way of getting more reluctant learners in to the water - provides all the support they need
  • Builds confidence in the water and gets learners used to movements needed for swimming
  • Gives learners the opportunity to practice many different kinds of stroke
  • Features two adjustable quick release buckles and an inflatable collar for an even more comfortable fit
  • Suitable for ages 3-6 yrs
  • This is a Step B vest