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Domino Demolition


Children will have great fun creating a run with Toyrific Domino Demolition, knocking over the first brick and sending the rest toppling over in a stunning sequence. After all, even more exciting than building things is being given free rein to demolish them!

The domino rally game comes with an impressive two-hundred domino pieces in a variety of vibrant colours. It also includes two bridges and miniature ramps to make a domino run even more exciting. Children will have fantastic fun stacking the dominoes in bizarre sequences, such as intricate curves and extended straights. They’ll also delight in watching them collapse up and down the ramps and bridges!

  • Fun 'domino run' building family game
  • Comes with 200 coloured dominoes
  • Includes two bridges and two ramps
  • Can be stacked by any number of players
  • Box Size: 29cm (w) 21cm (h) 5cm (d)
  • Suitable for ages 3yrs+