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Flamingo Poo Putty



Squash it, roll it, stretch it and shape it. This must-have magical Glitter Flamingo Poo is sure to be a poop-tastic gift for amazing magical fun. This sparkly pot of Glitter Flamingo Poo is perfect for playing pranks, relieving stress and to entertain yourself. It is a tub filled with endless fun. Available in 3 colours or choose all 3, suitable for ages 3yrs plus.
  • Flamingo poo putty in a tub
  • Tub measures 6cm diameter x 1.5cm depth
  • Colours available dark pink/pink glitter, bright pink/silver glitter, pale pink/purple glitter or choose all 3
  • Squash it, stretch it, squeeze it, shape it play pranks, relieve stress and entertain yourself
  • Suitable for ages 3yrs plus