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Funny Face Mould and Paint Fridge Magnets Set


There is an emoji for every feeling, activity and thing out there ~ this set only deals with the happier, wackier side of life! 6 crazy emoji faces to mould and paint and then stick to your fridge. Fabulous craft excercise for children. An excellent idea for a rainy day, great to do with siblings or friends, or even a marvellous party activity. Mould and paint your emojis and then attach the magnets. Contents: mould of 6 assorted designs, plaster powder, magnets, stirring rod, mixing cup, 6 paints, paint brush and detailed instructions. Box measures approximately 27cm x 23cm x 5.5cm.


  • Say it all with an emoji ~ you have to make it first though!
  • Fabulous kids craft activity set that has an emoji for all those kooky times!
  • 6 assorted crazy emoji faces to mould and then paint
  • Once complete stick to the fridge ~ ready to make you laugh and smile with their wacky faces!
  • Suitable for ages 3yrs +