19cm Indoor Hover Ball

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Shoot, score and hover with the HGL Hover Board! This revolutionary football floats on a bed of air just above floor level, making it perfect for indoor football on rainy days!
The HGL Hover Ball has a soft foam surround that forms a protective bumper, so the Hover Ball can rebound off furniture without bumps, bangs, scratches or marks. Perfect for use on any smooth surface, from wooden floors to low pile carpets, the Hover Ball glides just above the ground like a hovercraft, so you don’t need to worry about it bouncing up in the air to wreak havoc in your sitting room.
With the HGL Hover Ball, fast-paced indoor football is kept at ground level, where the ball is out of harm’s way. This revolutionary Hover Ball has an ultra-smooth flat side that glides easily over almost any indoor surface, so you can shoot and score without bouncing off the floor.
The HGL Hover Ball is perfect for indoor games between kids, or even between parent and child. This is the ideal ball for indoor games on rainy days, so kids can enjoy fast-paced and active fun whatever the weather.
  • Super Glider Technology
  • Hovers and glides on any smooth surface
  • Cool rebound action
  • Protective foam bumper
  • Stays on the ground for safe indoor fun
  • Dimensions: 19cm
  • Batteries required: 4x AA (not included)