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Infunbebe Push 'N' Go Animals



These super cute push 'n' go animals are great to help little ones motor skills develop and to ecourage them to learn how to crawl.
Made of hard plastic they are convenient to keep clean and resistant to any sudden actions, these animals are made for toddlers ages 10 months and up. The animals are very ergonomic, lightweight and very easy to handle due to the shape of the handle area, which ensures a good grip. A choice of 4 animals is available, from lion, hippo, lamb and horse, all in bright colours to make them visually stimulating and help with hand to eye co-ordination.
  • Brightly coloured animals
  • Helps develop motor skills and aids learning to crawl
  • Made of hard durable plastic
  • Height - up to 14cm, Length - up to 15cm Approx (Varies with Animal)
  • Suitable for ages 10 months +