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Instant Table Tennis Set


This clever set allows you to play on virtually any table top. The posts holding the net instantly clasp around the table edge and the net automatically stretches to the correct width. Comes with two quality bats and ping pong balls.

What do you call a Table Tennis set that doesn't include a table? Apparently it's still Table Tennis, but this ingenious kit allows you to turn any flat surface into a functioning table tennis table in seconds. Simply grip one post to a table edge using the quick push and release clamp, then pull the other post across the table to extend the net. Once you've crossed to the other table edge, simply attach the post in exactly the same way as before and you're good to go! Each post clamp features a soft rubber-like grip, keeping them firmly in place whilst leaving the surface unmarked. This set includes an expanding net, two table tennis paddles and three ping pong balls.
  • Play anywhere table tennis set
  • Extending net to fit any table size
  • Built-in firm-grip table clamps
  • Padded to protect play surface
  • Includes two paddles and three balls
  • Box 25.5cm tall