Mermaid Princess Dig Out

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SKU: TY3413

This magical stone holds a suprise mermaid princess figurine that will make an exciting toy for your litle ones! Place the stone to sink, wait 5 minutes to allow stone to soften, while waiting cover your work surface with newspaper or paper towels. Use the flat edge of the chisel to chip away the stone until your unicorn is fully revealed. There are 12 Mermaids to collect.
  • 1x Stone Egg & Tools
  • Perfect for Mermaid lovers
  • Available in 2 colours - Suprise Mermaid inside
  • Stone Egg measures 7cm Height, 5cm circumference approx
  • Suitable for ages 6 + years
Warning: Plaster dust may irritate eyes,nose and throat. If irritation occurs, stop using product. Avoid contact with eyes- if it occurs, flush with water and seek medical advice.