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Neon Tumbler Magic Stick



The Fidget Tumbler toy is a small spinning stick designed to keep your hands busy and your mind focused. It is great for people with fidgety hands, ADHD, anxiety & for OCD sufferers. It is fun to use & also provides a calming effect which helps to relieve stress, focus the mind and kill time. Discreet and almost silent it can be used anywhere without creating annoyance to anyone nearby.
  • Use a finger rolling fidget tumbler, catch it and make a 360° rotation in the air, complete with a straight landing.
  • Convenient and pocket-sized. Designed for people who like to keep their hands occupied to calm their nerves and/or increase their aptitude for mental clarity.
  • Quiet and discrete. Instead of resorting to habits that can annoy other people (like drumming one's fingers on tabletops or repeatedly clicking a pen), fidget tumblers can be used to fidget without annoying others.
  • Suitable for anyone. Just a few minutes a day can effectively help you improve your focus and hand-eye coordination.
  • Available in various colours or choose all 6
  • Suitable for ages 3yrs+