New Generation Virtual Pets - 32 in One

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No matter their situation, everybody can have a pet... in a virtual sense. The little screen depicts a character (chosen from 32 various creatures, to care for by selecting food, play and cleaning options. The creature appears to have a mind of its own and will beep when it is hungry, ill or has left a steaming gift in the bottom right hand corner. Successfully nurturing the little character causes it to grow, behave itself and prosper; neglect (wilful or otherwise) can result in an untimely demise. No matter what the outcome, however, a small button on the reverse of key fob restarts the process for another try. A fascinating challenge for children, and a nostalgic interest for those who missed out first time around.

  • Key fob is approximately 6cm
  • Batteries included
  • Electronic pet game
  • Choice of what to feed your pet
  • 32 different characters to choose to care for including:

2. Bat
3. Camel
4. Hedgehog
6. Butterfly
7. Dolphin
8. Duck
9. Elephant
10. Fish
11. Frog
12. Sheep
13. Horse
14. Lion
15. Rat
16. Cow
17. Penguin
18. Pig
19. Snail
20. Snake
21. Whale
22. Turtle
23. Robot
24. Girl
25. Boy
26. Owl
27. Squirrel
28. Chicken
29. Monkey
30. Dog
31. Panda
32. Dinosaur