Nova Rainbow Glitter Lamp

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More than just a light, it's an icon!

You'll be mesmerised by the endlessly changing visuals of the glitter in the Nova Rainbow Glitter Lamp. Heat from the bulb causes the soothing rise and fall of floating psychedelic glitter shapes that drift within the lamp. Simply plug in the Nova Rainbow Glitter Lamp switch it on and when the Nova Rainbow Glitter Lamp heats up you'll enjoy an ever-changing decoration to the room. Eternally popular with students for atmospheric mood lighting the Nova Rainbow Glitter Lamp is the perfect evening accompaniment to good music and conversation.

Dig out your flares and drop the needle on your granddad's copy of Sgt.Pepper - retro is in and it's time to get groovy baby with this state of the art Nova Rainbow Glitter Lamp.

Turn on, tune in and drop out. Peace.

Product size approx: 50cm Tall x 10cm Diameter

Delivery is only to UK only as it has a UK plug adapter.