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Professor Pengelly's Glow in the Dark Putty ��� Sunset Red to Yellow

Made for the fingers or creative thinkers, Professor Pengelly’s Putty Can be bounced, squeezed, stretched and sculpted to create sensational shapes and patterns. This sunset red putty is heat-sensitive, meaning that it reacts to heat by changing colour. As you play with the putty, the heat of your hands transforms it from red to orange to yellow like the rising sun! Playing with the putty is scientifically proven to relieve stress, making it perfect for keeping on your desk at work. The putty comes in a tin to stop it drying and provide endless hours of fun.

  • Professor Pengelly’s Thermo-Reactive Putty
  • 88g of Sunset Red putty in large storage tin
  • Bounce it, pop it, sculpt it, stretch it and more!
  • Reacts to the heat of hands by changing colour
  • Changes from sunset red to sunrise yellow
  • Never dries out in tin for endless hours of fun
  • Putty is suitable for ages 3+ years and over