Professor Pengelly's Unicorn Pink Slime Putty

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For those of you who’ve ever wanted to know what unicorns are made of… well, we’re pretty sure it isn’t Unicorn Pink Putty, but you can dream. This sparkly non-Newtonian fluid (science!) sure has all the charm of the brilliant magical equines.
Rendered in glittery pink, this Unicorn Pink Putty can be pushed, pulled and prodded into a variety of shapes (including, yes, a Unicorn, if you’re so inclined and suitably skilful in your sculpting). With such versatility, it’ll be hard to decide what you want your putty to be next. Whatever you decide, though, this putty will contain just a little bit of magic in it. Well, it won’t, but there’s glitter by the truckload, which pretty much makes up for it.
  • Pretty Pink Unicorn Putty from Professor Pengelly’s
  • Mouldable and malleable, squishable and stretchable
  • Contains a little bit of Unicorn Magic, by which we mean loads of glitter
  • Perfect for moulding into any shape you want – including, yes, a Unicorn
  • Contains approx. 88g of putty