Pug Stress Ball

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Give a pug a friendly hug!

Every now and then, we all have one of those bad days, weeks, or months. Crazy bosses, terrible drivers and noisy neighbours can all take there toll on our usually impeccable patience. We totally get it. Luckily there’s often a few remedies to let the calm in and tell the stresses to take a hike.

So if life is driving you barking mad, say goodbye to the dog days for good with this ridiculously cute Pug Stress Ball. Whether you dote on doggies or hate on hounds give his little face a squeeze to relieve all life’s stresses and strains. Give your canine companion some hands on love and start to imagine all the nice happy stuff like ice cream! Cats in hats! Dancing unicorns! Ahhhh, we feel better already!

  • Super cute pug shaped stress ball
  • Designed to help relax and relieve stress
  • Give a pug plenty of hands on love
  • Made from 100% flexible rubber
  • Measures approx. 7cm x 7cm