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Emoji Rainbow Poo Slime


Ordinarily, throwing poo around the house wouldn’t be something we’d advise. But, when it’s awesome rainbow poo… well, how can you make that sound like a bad idea? This poo has a sticky outer layer which makes it perfect for sticking to most flat surfaces, and not just the ones in fairy-tale kingdoms. Throw it at your walls, windows, and doors and it’ll stick. And, if it starts getting a little icky and less sticky, just rinse it with warm water, wipe it dry, and away you go again!

But, this poo is good for more than just throwing (now there’s a sentence you don’t say every day!). It also has a soft, mouldable middle that makes it great for shaping. And, because the feeling of squishing it in your hand is enough to make your toes curl, you can even use it as a stress ball!


  • Sticks to walls and most flat surfaces
  • Has a soft, sticky skin over a mouldable middle
  • Grip it, squish it, mould it, and throw it!
  • Approximately 8cm in length
  • Colours may vary slightly