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Schools Out Light Up Yo-Yo



This is the latest design of a professional schools out light up yo-yo. It is not only for daily entertainment, but also for acrobatic performance with most entertaining fancy. Smooth plastic recovery system, this schools out light up yo yo doesn't get stuck or slip on the line. So it helps to follow your own will in the contest. The schools out light up yo yo will bring back memories of when you were a kid and just so fascinated by yo yo's and the masters who could do so many tricks.

  • The schools out light up yo yo can cultivate the imagination, creativity, rapid reactionability, motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • The schools out light up yo yo is made of plastic. High precision, fast speed, and the performance is very stable. It gives you a good feeling of manipulation. A fantastic yo yo for advanced players in competition and daily practice.
  • The schools out light up yo yo will keep balance when in rotation, and it runs in a fast speed
  • It is constructed well enough to last a very long time without breaking
  • Has flashing lights when spun
  • Yo yo colours available are: Green, Red, Orange or choose all 3
  • Suitable for ages 6yrs plus