Sew and Stitch Make Your Own Pony

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SKU: 21001

Make Your Own Pony from the pre-cut pieces of felt in this super sewing kit

Most little girls dream of having a pony, but they tend to make a mess of the garden and don't like being left alone when you go on holiday. This excellent little sewing kit is the ideal way to have your own four legged equestrian friend that's clean, loyal and made by you! Simply take the pre-cut felt pieces and sew them together by following the detailed instructions included with the pack. Once he's sewn, stuffed and decorated, he's ready for play time! This sewing kit is the perfect all-in-one project for any eager seamstress.
  • All-in-one sewing kit
  • Makes a stuffed patchwork pony toy
  • Pre-cut felt pieces
  • Felts, thread, yarns, buttons, ball lace, googly eyes, needle and stuffing included
  • Box 20cm tall