T-Rex Fossil Digging Kit

Gift Giant

SKU: TY9039

Dig for T Rex bones and coprolites ~ that's dinosaur poo in our language!! Enter the fascinating world of discovery, archaeology and dinosaurs. The kit is a wonderful educational journey aswell as being jolly good fun to complete! This set contains 2 different blocks. Dig out the larger one to discover the 15 hidden bones (and one stand) of a T Rex for you to assemble. The smaller T Rex skull block has 2 coprolites encased inside. Also includes a mallet, chisel, brush, a small magnifying glass and instruction sheet. Box measures approximately 29cm x 24cm x 7.5cm.
  • Discover the past and the exciting world of dinosaurs!
  • Uncover and dig out the T Rex dinosaur fossil
  • Easy to assemble dinosaur bones are encased in the block
  • Contains all the tools required to dig out
  • Recommended for children from 6 years of age