Upside Down Wine Glass

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Dare to be different?! Watch your guests faces as they look on in awe and slight confusion when you present this Upside Down Wine Glass! Perfect as a table decoration, a way to get people talking, if you want to play a cheeky trick on a loved one or friend or to simply pour yourself a glass of wine in a unique way, this fully working novelty item is a bit of fun that everyone can have a laugh at!

You can guarantee that if brought out at a party or get together some people will stop you in your tracks before you pour (if you do so in front of them) and others will just stand there looking puzzled and wonder what is going on, but this giant wine glass will make it look as though the drink is being suspended in the air. You just pour in the wine and sip from the top (or the bottom!). Made from glass and measuring 24 cm in height, this is capable of holding a whole bottle of wine!


  • Made from glass

Dimensions: 24cm tall