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Waboba Moon Ball



Bounce this little Waboba Ball of fun to the moon and back. Its bright colour makes it easy to see as it comes hurtling towards you. Super lightweight, it's incredibly bouncy and reaches up to 100 feet. The cool flat edges give it loads of spin and a unique popping sound when it hits the floor. Try out all your old favourite ball games with this bouncy ball and give them a new lease of life. Assorted colours: red, yellow, orange and blue. Measures approximately 7 x7 x 6.5 centimeter in pack. 
  • Extreme bounce & crazy spin Waboba Ball.
  • Fast Spin and high bounce
  • Hard ground ball
  • Flat edges add extra spinning capability
  • Choose a colour from Neon Yellow, Blue, Orange, Red
  • Ball dimensions: 7cm diameter