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Waboba Street Ball



Bring it to the streets with Waboba Street the cool little ball that's full of attitude! The Waboba Street combines crazy contours and a special design that makes every bounce different. This amazing ball tosses the legendary Waboba out of the pool and into the backyard. It's a whole new experience that will set your head spinning with every crazy leap and wacky bounce coming from this bad boy. Invent games to play with your friends, or just challenge yourself with the Waboba Street's insane bounces and ricochets. Grab your friends and try to contain the madness that is the wild Waboba Street. Colors may vary. Waboba began as ''the ball that bounces on water.'' Waboba balls now bounce on every continent. Our goal is to connect people through fun, because when you're having fun with others, your differences disappear.
• Crazy spin
• Cool looking graffiti design
• Unpredictable bounce that can be controlled
• Bounces super high!
• Ages 5+