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Catapult Poop Slingshot

A hilariously fun poop shooter, great for pranks, jokes and entertainment. Poop features funny faces, comes in two types of sling shots with either sing poo or 2 poos and two different colours for each sling shot type, an overall 4 different coloured sling shot choices. Version 1 sling shot; attach the arms of the poop to each side of the sling shot, pull the poop then release and watch it super fly across the air. Version 2 sliong shot; hook the poop to the sling shot, pull and release for a different flying style of the poop.
  • 2 sling shot versions
  • Single Poo or 2 Poos version
  • 4 Colour choices; Orange, Blue, Pink, Brown or collect all 4
  • Slingshot 10cm tall
  • Not Suitable for ages under 3 years