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Giftworks Sloth Plush In Hoodie


Hoodie Colour

Bright, colourful and lovable these sloths in hoodies are just too cute to resist. Featuring a colourful hoodie with varying slogan on, a hanging loop on its head and velcroed hands for an alternative way for the sloth to hang around. These furry teddies are extremely huggable and also good for snuggles for children of all ages. Coming in 6 different colours of hoodies as well as without a hoodie, varying slogans - depending on colour of hoodie, they will make excellent gifts,snuggle buddies or travel companions for young and old alike. The sloths have velcroing hands so they can be linked together and hung up, a hanging loop from its head and plastic eyes and nose.

  • Soft, plush and huggable
  • 6 Hoodie colours with slogan
  • Grey or Brown fur with plastic eyes and nose
  • 50cm High, 21cm wide Approx
  • Suitable for ages 3+