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43cm Brightly Coloured Plastic Skateboard



These birghtly coloured 43cm (17") skateboards are a brilliant addition to any young budding skateboarders collection, featuring brightly coloured board and contrasting colour wheels, the rider of this compact and functional skateboard will certainly stand out in a crowd. The board features 608z bearings to ensure a smoother slicker ride, these boards are a great way for children to exercise and have fun in the process. You can choose from 4 different board colours, such as red with purple wheels, blue with green wheels, purple with red wheels and orange with green wheels.....or collect them all!

  • Plastic board with dimple grip
  • Bright block colour design
  • Great for budding skateboarders
  • 43cm long, 13.5cm wide
  • Suitable for ages 3+