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Crystal Growing Kit

Grow four chemically different types of crystals. Watch them grow, collct and record data for them. Once grown they are awsome to look at and fun to learn about. Awesome to look at and insteresting to learn about. Crystals are a special kind of solid material where the molecules fit together in a pattern that keeps repeatring itself. Because of these pattern, crystals form all sorts of unique shapes! This super setis ideal for anyone with an interest in learning about the world around them and is a great rainy day activity. The set includes everything you need to grow 4 different kinds of crystal.
  • Instructions included
  • 6 Record Sheets
  • Wooden Mixing Stick, Plastic Thread, Granite Base Rocks, Measuring Rocks
  • 2 Crystal Display Trays
  • 4 Bags of crystal compound
  • Box Measures; 26cm x 21cm x 6.5cm approx
  • Recomended for children age 8 +