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Giant Rubber Duck in Yellow 32cm


Styled just like a traditional rubber duck, except bigger… much bigger. In fact, at 32cm long and 27cm, this giant rubber duck is a force to be reckoned with. A classic bath-time toy for decades, this giant rubber duck really takes things to a new level, brightening a mundane bathe for little humans and giant ones alike. The giant duck is so imposing, you might even catch yourself giving him (her?) a wry smile and pat on the head whenever you’re near!

We’re not sure what makes giant duck so appealing, but like most things that are amusingly oversized, whatever you decide to name the king of the giant ducks, he’s (she’s) bound to leave a lasting impression on visitors!

  • Over-sized rubber duck
  • Essential for bath time
  • Equally good for swimming pools
  • 32cm