KandyToys Combat Mission Army Soldier Playset

Gift Giant

SKU: TY5316

This action figure and accessory set is perfect for pretend play and dress up as a soldier! This set not only comes with an action doll, but with a variety of accessories, a toy dagger, soldier's tag, plastic ammo bracelet, plastic grenade and bullet, pretend plastic walkie talkie and a plastic toy pistol with sound. Two varieties of action doll are available, a red hat general and a green hat soldier. Doll's arms and legs are movable.
  • Doll measures 25cm high and 6cm wide approx
  • Toy pistol measures 27cm long and produces a rattle sound when trigger is pulled, dagger measures 22cm long approx
  • Soldier's tag comes with a lanyard to be worn to dress up as a soldier, and with space to write in details!
  • Two varieties of doll, general and soldier
  • Not suitable for ages below 3