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Kandytoys Ludo game


Classic version of the traditional board game Ludo. Played by two to four people, each player starts the game with four pieces in their starting square. Taking it in turns players roll the dice, with the roll of a six allowing them to bring one of their pieces out of the square and onto the game track. Once on the track, players must race their pieces around the board and get them back to their corresponding home location. The first player to activate and return all of their pieces to their home wins the game.


  • Great entertainment for children and adults of any age, this traditional game has been keeping families amused for generations
  • This all time favourite retro game is an ideal gift for any occasion whether it is a birthday, Christmas as stocking fillers, Easter or new year, children and adults alike will love this and keep them happy for hours
  • Box measures: 37cm long, 19cm wide and 4cm deep approx
  • Suitable for ages 3+