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Keycraft Bounce Game

Board game in where you have to bounce your ball to match the designs on the cards! Ideal for 2-4 players, the cards display a pattern of 3-5 balls, in where you recreate the design with the bouncy balls and you have to be the first to complete the picture with the bouncy balls provided. The first to win 3 cards wins! Contains 4 x 4ball containers, 16 balls total *8 yellow, 8 blue) and a 6x6 hole board, with a pack of design cards. Perfect as a family game or party game! Play on a flat surface to be able to bounce the balls.
  • Size of box: 33cm length, 21.5cm height, 4.5cm width approx
  • Contains 16 balls on a 6x6 board
  • Pack of cards with patterns to recreate - the first to get 3 wins
  • Perfect for family fun and parties - 2 to 4 players
  • Not suitable for ages 3 and below