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Keycraft Dino Claw Finger Puppets

Get ready to unleash your inner dinosaur with the Keycraft Dino Claw Finger Puppets! These exciting and interactive finger puppets bring a Jurassic twist to imaginative play. Slip them onto your fingers and watch as the fearsome dino claws come to life. Each set includes a variety of vibrant and detailed claw designs, perfect for creating your own prehistoric adventures. Engage in puppet shows, storytelling, or simply let your creativity roam wild. The Keycraft Dino Claw Finger Puppets provide endless entertainment for children and adults alike. Let your fingers transform into mighty dino claws and transport yourself to a world of dinosaur fun!

  • 1x Dinosaur Claw finger puppet
  • Perfect for dinosaur lovers
  • Fits most fingers
  • Each puppet measures 6cm approx
  • Suitable for ages 3+