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Living Nature Husky Playful Pup


 Introducing the Living Nature Playful Husky Puppy Soft Toy! This wholesale husky stuffed toy is crafted with utmost care, featuring eco-friendly stuffing for a sustainable choice. Its grey and white faux fur fabric beautifully mimics the appearance of a real husky, while its mesmerizing blue eyes add a touch of charm. With its lifelike design and attention to detail, this adorable husky puppy soft toy captures the playful and lovable nature of these majestic animals. Perfect for cuddling and imaginative play, it's an ideal gift for husky enthusiasts or anyone who adores soft and huggable companions. Stock this delightful husky puppy and delight your customers with playtime adventures! 

  • 23cm tall approx
  • Living Nature brand
  • Suitable from birth
  • Hang tag contains animal facts
  • Perfect gift for animal lovers