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Ravensden Dino King T-Rex Transforming Toy


At first, this toy may look like an ordinary dinosaur toy, however, it holds a super awesome secret. This toy can be transofrmed into a fantastic warrior action toy!  Simply stretch the back and push down the abdomen while separating the leg, and a few more adjustments of the tail, and it creates a fantastic eye catching warrior action toy! Comes with a large toy sword. This is an excellent toy for any dinosaur and action figure fan! Not suitable for ages 3 and below due to small parts.
  • Size of T-Rex toy: 18cm length, 15cm height, 7cm width approx
  • T-Rex toy that can transform into a warrior acion figure!
  • Detailed instructions on how to operate located on back of the card
  • Comes with toy figure sword!
  • Not suitable for ages 3 and below